1987: Graduate of the ESAG / Penninghen (Superior School of graphic Arts) interior architecture and design.

Major promotion

Special mention of graphic design awarded by the SNAI.

2007 to 2017: Professor of scenography – ESAG/Penninghen.

1988: First assistant of the SFP designer Francis Robin, frequents the studios of Buttes Chaumont and Cognac Jay.

1992: Michel Drucker entrusts him with the scenery of “Champs Elysees” as a decorator. Creation of the huge scenography of “Stars 90” in Pavilion Baltard (20 semi-trailer sets).

First scenography for Jacques Crépineau, director of the Théâtre de la Michodière, « Tiercé gagnant », Ray Conny’s play with Jacques Balutin « Moi…mais en mieux » by Jean Noël Fenwick.

Begins a long series of stage creations for many private Parisian theatres and television all channels combined.

1992 to 2018: Scenography’s of the “7 d’or” a request of Jacques Clément, “Thalassa” and “Faut pas rever” by Georges Pernoud, “The Miss France” (10 different sets) by Sabine Mignot then Lela Milcic, “Artur et les pirates” (a magnificent set for the Radio station Europe 1) by Arthur, « Les années tubes » by Gérard Louvin, Daniel Moyne and Marie Christine Mouton, « La fête de la chanson française » by Daniella Lumbroso, « Les victoires de la musique » by Nagui…

1998: At the request of Michel Drucker and Françoise Coquet, design of the scenography of the Sunday Show “Vivement Dimanche”. Creation of the “red sofa” in a circular shape (unchanged for almost 20 years), imposes the colorimetry of red and white, becoming years later, the signage of France television.

She continues her activity as an interior designer, with loyal clients such as Michel Sardou and France Gall for example.

In 2002: Commanded of  “the shop around the corner” by Miklos Laszlo – Film by Ernst Lubitsch by Myriam Feune de Colombi, director of the Théâtre Montparnasse.

Molière of the best scenography

2013 : Nominee at Molières for « Un vrai bonheur » at théâtre Fontaine.

Following scenographies:

  •  « Diplomatie » with Niels Arestrup and André Dussolier, commanded by Frédéric Franck, director of théâtre de la Madeleine
  • « Le journal d’Anne Franck », « Petits crimes conjugaux », « L’élixir d’amour », « L’hôtel des 2 mondes » by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
  • « L’affrontement » by Bill C. Davis
  • « Opus cœur » by Israël Horowitch
  • « La vie de chantier » by Dany Boon
  • « Nuit d’ivresse » by Josiane Balasko
  • « Le vent des peupliers » by Georges Wilson…

Since 2005: Scenic designs of 3 Feydeau, 1 Labiche and 1 Opérette, special broadcasts on France television for producers such as Olivier Minne and Jean François Varlet.

2011: Stage design of « La femme du Boulanger » with Michel Galabru, commissioned by Nicolas Auboyneau, culture director of France télévision.

2016: First scenography of an open-air opera “The Enchanted Flute” by Mozart.

2012 to 2016: Scenic designs of 4 musicals at the Théâtre des Folies Bergères “SLC salut les copains”, “Disco”, “Love Circus” under the direction of Stephane Jarny or “Les Choristes” by Christophe Barratier.

2016: Scenography of « Seul…avec vous » by Michel Drucker, a creation at théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens.

In 2018: Stage creation of  « Laurent Gerra…sans modération ».

Since the beginning of her carreer, Stéfanie signed more than 200 television sets and a hundred theater stage creations and live performances.